Blacklisted - So, You Are A Magician?

This EP is the newest material of Blacklisted to be released. It’s fast like No One Deserves. The song Houdini Blues is one of my favorite songs written about death. 

Blacklisted - Eccentrichine

The Eccentrichine EP is fantastic but I want to talk about this song. The self titled track on this EP, I feel, is about the insecurity of meeting somebody you’re infatuated with. Sometimes that is a person you love, sometimes it’s a passing feeling. We may go to serious lengths to be somebody we are not and most times it goes unnoticed to this other person. Sometimes we’re the only one who is paying attention, that’s what hurts.

Blacklisted - It’s All Going Down

Flexi discs are cool so I have a lot. Here’s a Blacklisted one. They aren’t too cool to listen to though.

Blacklisted - Peace On Earth War On Stage

This 7” was released before the Heavier Than Heavy, Lonelier Than God LP and it has some of those songs plus more. This EP is heavy and emotional and much of what Blacklisted is/was loved for. 

Blacklisted - Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God

This album will always been one of my favorites. From the title to the lyrics to the crushing heavy guitar parts. It’s solid all the way through.

Blacklisted - No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me

G. Hirsch is one of my favorite vocalist. His lyrics are always on point, eloquent and moving. It very easy to relate with the way he writes. No One Deserves To Be Here is the follow up to Heavier Than Heavy, Lonelier Than God. The music has changed and moved in a different direction. It’s faster and the lyrics are more creative than ever. The artwork is awesome and the LP is orange with green mix limited to 319. 

Black Flag - Damaged
Have you ever heard of Henry Rollins? Of course you have. Damaged doesn’t need another write up. Glad to have this. 

Anne - Mixtape 2

I got this cassette from run for cover records when I purchased the Anne/Whirr EP. It sounds electronic as does most of his music. On mixtape two he covers Bruce and Mazzy which is a delightful on top of his own music. 

Agalloch - Marrow of Spirit

This album is beautiful. Agalloch mixes death metal with doom. Marrow of Spirit along with their other material is very layered. This cassette I purchased from discogs and the seller was from Europe, so i have no idea if it is an official release. The layout has very nice photography.