Eagle Twin - The Feather Tipped the Serpent’s Scale
Bam, sometimes you just need some Salt Lake City in your ears. Salt Lake City has some of my favorite hardcore and metal bands. Eagle Twin much like Subrosa is very dark and sludgy. Southern Lord doesn’t hold back on the housing either. It’s a double gatefold with 180 gram vinyl. The layout is fantastic. You get what you pay for with Southern Lord releases. This is the perfect LP to put on and paint to, it really helps get out some of those dark inner feelings. 
Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence
This album totally reminds me of the 60’s and 70’s. It sounds like something you would do drugs to. I know I’ve said that about the other pieces today, but the same rings true for this one. Ultraviolence is very catchy and spacey. The effects they use on her voice and its overlays make the album one of my contenders for AOY. I’ve heard a lot of murmur about the lyrics being controversial and sometimes that’s okay. Music is art and should be depicted as art. Music is very abstract and especially in Lana’s case for Ultraviolence. I was almost slightly surprised when I paid $25 for a flimsy 2xlp housed in a single jack without a download code. Oh wait, no I wasn’t. Interscope is a large label and is looking to make out like bandits. The music is fantastic but the LP isn’t worth the price. Fuck the majors.
Mutoid Man - Helium Head
This has been on my list for awhile. It’s very catchy face melting metal. That’s all! Just listen to it.
Young Widows - Easy Pain
Since I started following @temporaryresidence on twitter my pocketbook has been hurting. I hardly listened to Young Widows until one day the Temporary Residence crew posted the Young Widows Money 7’. I am not so sure why I went for the purchase with little listening to this band but ever since then, I cannot stop enjoying this band. It’s very dark and at times reminds me of Led Zepplin and i’m not so sure why. Easy Pain is the perfect album to put on while doing drugs and drinking. Of course I didn’t partake in those activities but I could imagine the feeling of listening to them while partaking in those activities. 
Chuck Ragan - Gold Country
Gold Country is probably my favorite Chuck Ragan album.  It has its twain while keeping it folk. There’s nothing I dislike more than country pop. Glory and Done and Done are two of my favorite Chuck songs. It has a beautiful blend of folk with his punk rock side. The steel guitar parts are done tasteful and the harmonica parts are even better. It’s safe to say i’ll have Gold Country in my collection for quite awhile. Thanks Chuck!
Entombed - Wolverine Blues. Sometimes I watch terrible comic book movies. My girl friend went to Scotland for the summer and I decided what the hell, lets watch some Hugh Jackman. Little did I know this would bring me good luck. Although, Entombed’s Wolverine Blues probably doesn’t have much to do with Hugh Jackman’s terrible Wolverine movie I was surprised to find this bad boy. I know there’s been a lot of speculation about if and when this would ever be repressed. To my surprise I found it at Amoeba Records San Francisco. Way to go guys, i’m a happy camper. This album paved the way for many hardcore and metal bands. It’s heavy and catchy with thick bass tones and sludgy drums to make it beefy, yet not boring. 

“Women are involved in hardcore for the same reasons as every other human. Anyone who thinks women are here “for the wrong reasons” should take a step back and think about what men in hardcore are like. You don’t get into to hardcore because you’re a good looking, well-adjusted, and successful member of society. We’re all fucked up. You’re not a catch. Women are not flocking to hardcore shows to meet you.”


Angela Owens

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Bane’s Current Tour Will Not Be Their Last


Bane released their final album, Don’t Wait Up, last week, but the band wants to ensure fans that they haven’t decided to quit touring yet. Their current US tour will not be their last. Read a statement from the band below after the jump.

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Slice dance!

I still do this when I eat pizza.



Slice dance!


I still do this when I eat pizza.

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